Welcome to I.Stat
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This page only offers access to OECD’s core data.

What is I.Stat?
I.Stat is the warehouse of statistics produced by Istat, a complete and homogeneous wealth of information unique for the Italian official statistics.

Who can access I.Stat?
Access to I.Stat is open and free of charge.

How does I.Stat work?
Statistics are organised by theme in a two-level hierarchical tree. Data are presented in aggregate form in multidimensional tables; acting on variables, reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides users can create custom tables and graphs. The system can be searched by keyword, theme and region.
A wide range of standard metadata facilitates the retrieval and understanding of statistics by users.

How often is the system upgraded?
I.Stat’s contents are constantly upgraded. At present, the system is undergoing a population and a refinement process. Therefore, it does not, include but a subset of data currently provided by ISTAT in various forms (databases, datasets, etc.).


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