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What is I.Stat

I.Stat is the warehouse of statistics currently produced by the Italian National Institute of Statistics. Data are organized in a coherent and homogeneous way and are constantly upgraded.

How I.Stat works

Statistics are organised by theme; each theme is divided into more topics. Information can be searched by keyword and theme.

Data are presented in multidimensional tables which users can export in xls, csv and sdmx formats. Acting on variables, reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides, moreover, it is possible to obtain custom tables and graphs.

Linked databases

For some topics of particular interest Istat provides dedicated information systems, in which data contained in I.Stat database are reorganized and, sometimes, supplemented with additional information provided by other bodies. The following information systems are available:

  • HumanCapital.Stat collects statistics on human capital concerning education, labour market and income produced by the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) and other national and international Institutions (Invalsi, Unioncamere, Eurostat, Oecd);
  • SocialCohesion.Stat collects indicators produced by the National Social Security Institute (Inps), the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on population dynamic, labour market, human capital, poverty, health, social protection and social insurance policies;
  • Immigrants.Stat is the data warehouse that reorganizes the statistics produced by Istat on foreign immigrants and new citizens;
  • PublicAdministration.Stat provides data on central and local governments;
  • Youth.Stat collects and organizes statistical data produced by Istat on teenagers and young people;
  • Elders.Stat collects and organizes statistical data produced by Istat on population ageing;
  • EconomicTrends.Stat is the data warehouse that collects and organizes the economic statistics produced by Istat in order to make them more easily accessible to the different types of users involved (researchers, policy makers, journalists, citizens).

Data from 2010-2011 Censuses

Databases related to the last census round (2010-2011), supplemented with main time series, are available:

Machine-to-machine access to data

A machine-to-machine queryable web-service allows users to access data, make specific queries, download and export datasets to their web sites, information systems, databases, web portals etc. Data are available in the international standard format for statistical data, SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange).

The service is accessible at the following address: http://www.istat.it/it/strumenti/web-service. It is available for I.Stat and for the Censuses 2010-2011 data.


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