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Underlying cause of death - European Short List
Hide subtree infectious and parasitic diseases14 5642.461.84
 aids (hiv-disease)3460.060.05
 viral hepatitis1 4080.240.18
 other infectious and parasitic diseases12 5912.131.58
Hide subtree neoplasms174 03029.4323.33
Hide subtree malignant neoplasms164 72127.8622.14
 of which malignant neoplasm of lip, oral cavity, pharynx3 1290.530.43
 of which malignant neoplasm of oesophagus1 7830.30.25
 of which malignant neoplasm of stomach8 2021.391.09
 of which malignant neoplasm of colon, rectum and anus18 6183.152.46
 of which malignant neoplasm of liver8 0641.361.09
 of which malignant neoplasm of pancreas13 1172.221.78
 of which malignant neoplasm of larynx1 3590.230.19
 of which malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus, lung31 7155.364.35
 of which malignant melanoma of skin2 1220.360.29
 of which malignant neoplasm of breast12 8292.171.73
 of which malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri4930.080.07
 of which mal neoplasm of other and unspecified parts of uterus2 6300.440.36
 of which malignant neoplasm of ovary3 2110.540.45
 of which malignant neoplasm of prostate7 9441.341
 of which malignant neoplasm of kidney3 4500.580.46
 of which malignant neoplasm of bladder5 92110.76
 of which malignant neoplasm of brain and central nervous system4 1700.710.6
 of which malignant neoplasm of thyroid5620.10.08
 of which hodgkin disease and lymphomas5 1750.880.69
 of which leukaemia5 9661.010.79
 of which other malignant neoplasm of lymph./haematopoietic tissue3 3570.570.44
 of which other malignant neoplasms20 9043.542.77
 non-malignant neoplasms (benign and uncertain)9 3091.571.19
diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism3 9570.670.49
Hide subtree endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases32 7275.534.14
 diabetes mellitus24 6954.183.1
 other endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases8 0321.361.04
Hide subtree mental and behavioural disorders25 1534.253.02
 dementia22 8533.862.7
 alcohol abuse (including alcoholic psychosis)3260.060.05
 drug dependence, toxicomania1540.030.02
 other mental and behavioural disorders1 8200.310.25
Hide subtree diseases of the nervous system and the sense organs31 5445.333.99
 parkinson's disease8 6261.461.06
 alzheimer's disease11 4461.941.39
 other diseases of the nervous system and the sense organs11 4721.941.55
Hide subtree diseases of the circulatory system216 81436.6726.67
Hide subtree ischaemic heart diseases59 118107.39
 of which acute myocardial infarction19 0063.212.48
 of which other ischaemic heart diseases40 1126.784.91
 other heart diseases49 8108.426.06
 cerebrovascular diseases53 5389.056.57
 other diseases of the circulatory system54 3489.196.64
Hide subtree diseases of the respiratory system45 1327.635.57
 pneumonia10 7841.821.31
Hide subtree chronic lower respiratory diseases20 4343.462.52
 of which asthma4700.080.06
 of which other chronic lower respiratory diseases19 9643.382.46
 other diseases of the respiratory system13 8902.351.74
Hide subtree diseases of the digestive system23 5253.983.04
 ulcer of stomach, duodenum and jejunum7420.130.09
 cirrhosis, fibrosis and chronic hepatitis5 0460.850.7
 other diseases of the digestive system17 73732.25
diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue1 5230.260.19
Hide subtree diseases of the musculoskeletal system/connective tissue3 8290.650.49
 rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthrosis1 2150.210.15
 other diseases of the musculoskeletal system/connective tissue2 6140.440.34
Hide subtree diseases of the genitourinary system15 0912.551.84
 diseases of kidney and ureter9 9621.681.22
 other diseases of the genitourinary system5 1290.870.62
complications of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium900
certain conditions originating in the perinatal period6570.110.16
congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities1 2910.220.22
Hide subtree symptoms, signs, ill-defined causes25 4484.33.2
 sudden infant death syndrome1500
 unknown and unspecified causes10 2831.741.38
 other symptoms, signs, ill-defined causes15 1502.561.81
Hide subtree Covid-1963 65110.768.24
 Covid-19, virus identified63 21810.698.19
 Covid-19, virus not identified4010.070.05
 Covid-19, other320.010
Hide subtree external causes of injury and poisoning25 3874.293.42
Hide subtree accidents20 8203.522.72
 of which transport accidents3 0790.520.5
 of which accidental falls4 8930.830.61
 of which drowning and accidental submersion2350.040.04
 of which accidental poisoning4920.080.08
 of which other accidents12 1212.051.5
 suicide and intentional self-harm3 7920.640.59
 homicide, assault2480.040.04
 events of undetermined intent200
 other external causes of injury and poisoning5250.090.07
all causes of death704 332119.1189.85
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