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Demographic data type
population at the beginning of the period59 641 488
live births404 892
deaths740 317
natural increase from registry office-335 425
registrations from other municipalities1 333 680
deregistrations to other municipalities1 333 680
internal net migration from registry office0
immigrated from other countries247 526
emigrated to other countries159 884
international net migration from registry office87 642
registrations for other reasons43 048
deregistrations for other reasons157 772
balance for other reasons from registry office-114 724
net migration and balance for other reasons from registry office-27 082
registrations1 624 254
deregistrations1 651 336
increase or decrease due to territorial changes0
total census balance-42 768
population on 31st December59 236 213
number of private households on 31st December0
resident population in private household on 31st December58 881 397
average number of members in private household on 31st December0
number of institutional households on 31st December by statistical treatment of the register source33 853
resident population in institutional household on 31st December354 816
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