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Index typeconsumer price index for the whole nation (base 2010=100) - annual average
Select time2015
Measureindex numberannual average rate of changeInformation onitem
COICOP Rev. Istat
00: all items107.50.1
Hide subtree OR1: Product typology
Hide subtree GOODS: -- goods (overall index excluding services)107.2-0.5
Hide subtree FOODXT: food including alcohol1091
 FOODUNP: unprocessed food109.32.2
Hide subtree ENRGY: energy114.4-6.8
 APENRGY: administered price energy114.6-2.6
 ENRGYXAPE: non-administered price energy113.1-10.3
 TOBAC: tobacco115.53.6
 IGOODSXE: non-energy industrial goods103.60.3
Hide subtree SERV: -- services (overall index excluding goods)107.70.6
 SERVHOUSE: services related to housing1100.3
 SERVCOMM: services related to communication93.50.6
 SERVRP: services related to recreation, including repairs and personal care106.70.9
 SERVTRANS: services related to transport113.40.3
 SERVMISC: services - miscellaneous106.40.7
 00XEFOODUNP: overall index excluding energy and unprocessed food (core inflation)106.80.7
 00XEFOOD: overall index excluding energy, food, alcohol and tobaccoInformation onitem105.50.5
 00XE: overall index excluding energy1070.8
 FOODHPC: food, goods related to household cleaning and maintenance and personal care 108.40.8
Hide subtree OR2: Administered and non-administered products
Hide subtree 00XAP: -- all-items excluding administered pricesInformation onitem106.30.1
 GOODSXAP: goods excluding administered pricesInformation onitem106-0.4
 SERVXAPS: services excluding administered prices106.90.7
Hide subtree AP: -- administered pricesInformation onitem109.3-0.4
 APENRGY: administered price energy114.6-2.6
 APGOODSXAPE: administered price goods excluding energyInformation onitem99.31.3
Hide subtree APSERV: administered price services112.80.4
 LOCAPSERV: local administered price services121.10.7
 NATAPSERV: national administered price services1070.3
Hide subtree OR3: Purchase frequency
 FROOPP: -- frequent out-of-pocket purchases109.7-0.2
 MEDFRP: -- medium-frequency purchases107.30.2
 LOWFRP: -- low-frequency purchases103.20.2
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