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Index typeharmonized index of consumer prices (base 2015=100) - annual averageInformation onitem
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Measureindex numberannual average rate of changeInformation onitemindex numberannual average rate of changeInformation onitem
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00: all items99.9-0.1101.31.3
Hide subtree 01: -- food and non-alcoholic beverages100.20.2102.22
Hide subtree 011: food100.20.2102.42.1
0111: bread and cereals100.20.2100.30.1
0112: meat100.40.4101.41
0113: fish and seafood102.72.7104.41.7
0114: milk, cheese and eggs99.4-0.6100.51.1
0115: oils and fats101.91.9104.82.8
0116: fruit102.22.2107.75.3
0117: vegetables98.1-1.9104.76.7
0118: sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery99.7-0.3100.10.4
0119: food products n.e.c.1000100.20.2
Hide subtree 012: non-alcoholic beverages99.7-0.399.90.2
0121: coffee, tea and cocoa99.9-0.1100.80.9
0122: mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices99.5-0.599.4-0.2
Hide subtree 02: -- alcoholic beverages and tobacco101.41.4102.10.7
Hide subtree 021: alcoholic beverages100.10.1100.10
0211: spirits100.90.91010.1
0212: wine99.9099.9-0.1
0213: beer100.10.1100.10
022: tobacco102.12.1103.11
Hide subtree 03: -- clothing and footwear100.50.51010.6
Hide subtree 031: clothing100.60.6101.20.6
0311: clothing materials........
0312: garments100.50.5101.10.5
0313: other articles of clothing and clothing accessories99.7-0.399.80.1
0314: cleaning, repair and hire of clothing100.80.8101.30.5
032: footwear99.8-0.2100.20.4
Hide subtree 04: -- housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels98.4-1.6100.11.8
041: actual rentals for housing100.30.3100.50.2
Hide subtree 043: maintenance and repair of the dwelling100.80.8101.30.4
0431: materials for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling100.80.8101.40.5
0432: services for maintenance and repair of the dwelling100.90.8101.20.4
Hide subtree 044: water supply and miscellaneous services relating to the dwelling101.81.8103.92.1
0441: water supply104.24.2109.75.3
0442: refuse collection100.90.9101.30.4
0443: sewerage collection1044108.64.5
0444: other services relating to the dwelling n.e.c.1011102.41.4
Hide subtree 045: electricity, gas and other fuels95.2-4.897.82.7
0451: electricity99.3-0.7103.13.8
0452: gas91.8-8.293.72
0453: liquid fuels91.5-8.697.26.3
0454: solid fuels99-199-0.1
Hide subtree 05: -- furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance100.20.2100.20
Hide subtree 051: furniture and furnishings, carpets and other floor coverings100.70.7101.10.4
0511: furniture and furnishings100.80.7101.20.4
0512: carpets and other floor coverings99.9-0.299.1-0.8
0513: repair of furniture, furnishings and floor coverings100.80.8102.11.4
052: household textiles100.30.399.6-0.7
Hide subtree 053: household appliances99.8-0.298.4-1.4
0531_532: major household appliances whether electric or not99.6-0.498.1-1.6
0533: repair of household appliances100.70.71010.4
054: glassware, tableware and household utensils100.40.4100.50.1
055: tools and equipment for house and garden100.20.299.8-0.4
Hide subtree 056: goods and services for routine household maintenance99.9-0.199.90
0561: non-durable household goods99.3-0.798.9-0.4
0562: domestic services and household services100.20.2100.40.3
Hide subtree 06: -- health1011101.80.8
Hide subtree 061: medical products, appliances and equipment101.51.5102.91.4
0611: pharmaceutical products101.81.8103.81.9
0612_613: other medical products, therapeutic appliances and equipment100.10.2100.1-0.1
Hide subtree 062: out-patient service100.60.6100.90.3
0621_623: medical services and paramedical services100.60.6100.80.2
0622: dental services100.60.5101.10.6
063: hospital services101.11.1101.70.6
Hide subtree 07: -- transport98.6-1.41023.4
Hide subtree 071: purchase of vehicles10111010
0711: motor cars1010.9100.9-0.1
0712_713_714: motor, cycles and bicycles101.21.2102.51.3
Hide subtree 072: operation of personal transport equipment97.7-2.3101.23.6
0721: spare parts and accessories for personal transport equipment100.10100.40.3
0722: fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment93.7-6.3100.16.8
0723: maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment101.41.4102.71.3
0724: other services in respect of personal transport equipment100.80.8101.40.7
Hide subtree 073: transport services99.7-0.3107.37.6
0731: passenger transport by railway101.31.3108.77.3
0732: passenger transport by road100.20.21010.8
0733: passenger transport by air96.5-3.5111.415.4
0734: passenger transport by sea and inland waterway100.50.512120.4
0735: combined passenger transport100.10.1100.40.2
0736: other purchased transport services100.30.3100.70.4
Hide subtree 08: -- communication99.8-0.397.5-2.3
081: postal services1099113.94.5
082_83: telephone and telefax equipment and telephone and fax numbers99.5-0.697-2.4
Hide subtree 082: telephone and telefax equipment103.53.596-7.3
0820: telephone and telefax equipment1077....
Hide subtree 083: telephone and telefax services98.8-1.298-0.8
0830: telephone and telefax services99.6-0.4....
Hide subtree 09: -- recreation and culture100.70.7101.20.5
Hide subtree 091: audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment101.11.199.3-1.7
0911: equipment for reception, recording and reproduction of sound and picture97.1-2.993.8-3.4
0912: photographic and cinematographic equipment and optical instruments102.42.4101.9-0.5
0913: information processing equipment103.63.6100.8-2.6
0914: recording media102.82.8104.11.3
0915: repair of audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment........
Hide subtree 092: other major durables for recreation and culture102.42.4103.81.4
0921_922: major durables for outdoor and indoor recreation includung musical instruments102.42.4103.81.4
Hide subtree 093: other recreational items and equipment, gardens and pets99.1-198.9-0.2
0931: games, toys and hobbies97.7-2.397.3-0.4
0932: equipment for sport, camping and open-air recreation98.6-1.497.4-1.3
0933: gardens, plants and flowers100.60.6101.71
0934_935: pets and related products including veterinary and other services for pets99.2-0.898.5-0.7
Hide subtree 094: recreational and cultural services100.50.5100.60
0941: recreational and sporting services102.22.2102.90.7
0942: cultural services99.4-0.698.7-0.7
Hide subtree 095: newspapers, books and stationery101.51.51031.5
0951: books1011102.41.4
0952: newspapers and periodicals102.22.2103.71.4
0953_954: stationery and drawing materials100.70.7102.31.6
096: package holidays102.32.4105.93.5
10: -- education100.60.695.9-4.6
Hide subtree 11: -- restaurants and hotels100.70.7102.41.7
Hide subtree 111: catering services101.21.2102.31.1
1111: restaurants, cafes and the like101.11.1102.21.1
1112: canteens102.32.3103.51.1
112: accommodation services99.3-0.7102.63.3
Hide subtree 12: -- miscellaneous goods and services100.40.3101.20.9
Hide subtree 121: personal care100.30.3100.70.4
1211: hairdressing salons and personal grooming establishments100.60.6101.40.8
1212_1213: electric appliances for personal care and other appliances, articles and products for personal care99.9-0.199.8-0.1
Hide subtree 123: personal effects n.e.c.101.31.3102.41.1
1231: jewellery, clocks and watches103.13.1105.11.9
1232: other personal effects100.40.4100.80.4
124: social protection1011101.30.3
Hide subtree 125: insurance1000101.21.2
1253: insurance connected with health100.30.3100.30
1254: insurance connected with transport99.9-0.1101.31.4
126: financial services n.e.c.98.8-1.298.4-0.4
127: other services n.e.c.1011103.42.4
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