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NACE 2007
industry and services (b to s, except o)101.9101105.1107.3105
total industry and services (b to n)100.399.4103.4105.6103.3
total industry (b to f)89.588.789.990.590.6
total industry excluding construction (b to e)94.694.295.295.995.9
mining and quarrying81.980.681.281.180.1
electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply98.298.498.898.899.6
water supply sewerage, waste management and remediation activities106104.3106.6107.7106.9
services (g to s, except o)110.5109.6115.7118.9115
education; human health and social work activities; arts, entertainment and recreation (P to S)122.8122.8128.3128.7127.5
services (g to n)108.8107.8114117.6113.3
wholesale and retail trade repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles105.1105107.2108.9108.4
transportation and storage103.8103105106.5106.5
accommodation and food service activities108105.3131.9147.6118.1
information and communication111109.9111.1110.8112.1
financial and insurance activities96.295.595.49594.2
business activities (l to n)121.4120.2126.6129.6128.7
real estate activities148.4148.1162.4170.3156.5
professional, scientific and technical activities114.5114.6117.2116.8116.2
Hide subtree administrative and support service activities123.1121.2128.9133.3133.1
 temporary employment agency activities158.9155.5179.7189.6198.9
human health and social work activities128.2128.9131.2128.9132.6
arts, entertainment and recreation112.2110.3134.4155.3117.6
other service activities113111116.3119.3117.9
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