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NACE 2007
0037: industry and services (b to s, except o)103.4105.7109.3101.9107.8
0015: total industry and services (b to n)102.1104.7107.8100.6106.4
0011: total industry (b to f)96.2100.9101.790.4100.3
0020: total industry excluding construction (b to e)100.1105.5105.893.3104.3
B: mining and quarrying90.385.291.97784.8
C: manufacturing100106106.293104.6
D: electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply96.5100.498.291.698.2
E: water supply sewerage, waste management and remediation activities104.8104.2106.1103.1106.6
F: construction75.576.379.674.879
0038: services (g to s, except o)109.2109.6115.4111.2113.8
0039: education; human health and social work activities; arts, entertainment and recreation (P to S)125.5123.2133.9123.6129.9
0013: services (g to n)107.3108.1113.3109.8112
G: wholesale and retail trade repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles107.3107.3108.1105.3113
H: transportation and storage104.6103.9107.3102.9108.4
I: accommodation and food service activities98.595.2138.6160111.7
J: information and communication106.9114.5111.999.7113.2
K: financial and insurance activities95.2100.993.78393.1
0024: business activities (l to n)121.4120.8126.8119.2124.2
M: professional, scientific and technical activities127.1125.6132.3116.2128.9
N: administrative and support service activities117117121.3116.9119.9
P: education135.3143.915194.5148.9
Q: human health and social work activities129.2126.7137.1123.9133
R: arts, entertainment and recreation101.7103.7122.7139.7110.8
S: other service activitiesInformation onitem124.7116122.6120.6124.5
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