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NACE 2007
0014: services (g to n excluding retail trade and other activities - see explanatory texts)100.696.7104.498.2104.2
45_46: wholesale trade, trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles101.9101.1106.796.8106.7
Hide subtree 45: wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles109.7110.5117.394.3115.5
 451: sale of motor vehicles113.9118.1123.595.1120.7
 452: maintenance and repair of motor vehicles101.387.694.987.8103.6
 453: sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories112.3102.4110101.9117.1
 454: sale, maintenance and repair of motorcycles and related parts and accessories50.776.4105.272.653.4
Hide subtree 46: wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles100.299104.397.4104.7
 461: wholesale on a fee or contract basis101.691.210191.5101.2
 462: wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals116.8105.8100.894.3119.3
 463: wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco111.9102.6117.3118.6115.3
 464: wholesale of household goods98.394.696.491.5102.4
 465: wholesale of information and communication equipment106.8109.7111.386.6111.7
 466: wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies109.2108.7118102.1115.3
 467: other specialised wholesale89.596.397.98995.4
 469: non-specialised wholesale trade107.4104114.7110.1112.1
Hide subtree H: transportation and storage107.9104.6112.8111.9111.8
 49: land transport and transport via pipelines110.3109.7115.4107.8116.2
 50: water transport91.584.695.1106.692.5
 51: air transport88.485.4105122.394.5
 52: warehousing and support activities for transportation112.9108.3118.8121.1115.4
 53: postal and courier activities102.589.48785.199.4
Hide subtree I: accommodation and food service activities91.284.5112.4132.794.1
 55: accommodation 7373123.1181.676.5
 56: food service activities98.689.2108112.8101.3
Hide subtree J: information and communication94.684.287.881.693.9
Hide subtree JA: publishing, audiovisual and broadcasting activities87.776.378.373.186
 58: publishing activities80.663.970.172.382.3
 59: motion picture, video and television programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities85.176.567.659.677.4
 60: programming and broadcasting activities96.789.692.480.594
Hide subtree JB: telecommunications82.375.879.177.481.5
 61: telecommunications82.375.879.177.481.5
Hide subtree JC: it and other information services114.399.9104.892.4114.3
 62: computer programming, consultancy and related activities119.8105.5108.898.2120.1
 63: information service activities97.282.692.274.596.1
69: legal and accounting activities93.194.390.276.993
702: management consultancy activities121.193.3111.593.6122.4
71: architectural and engineering activities, technical testing and analysis93.881.993.487.397.3
73: advertising and market research96.680.985.963.395.9
74: other professional, scientific and technical activities104.284.987.584.6101
69_71_73-74_702: professional, scientific and technical activities required by STS regulation (69 and 71 and 73-74 and 702)Information onitem99.48893.281.199.9
78: employment activities150.9152.2179.6175.6191.6
79: travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities64.858.396129.666.6
80: security and investigation activities105.998.4100.9108.5106
812: cleaning activities104.686.292.296.8107.6
82: office administrative, office support and other business support activities90.583.195.177.788.5
78-80_82_812: administrative and support service activities required by STS regulation (78 to 80 and 82 and 812)Information onitem9586.3102.9102.598.9
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