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Demographic data type
foreign population on 1st January
(b4 996 158
5 039 637
foreign live births
(b62 918
(p59 389
foreign deaths
(b7 431
(p9 323
foreign population natural increase
(b55 487
(p50 066
foreign registrations from other municipalities
(b284 217
(p205 839
foreign deregistrations to other municipalities
(b284 217
(p202 814
foreign population internal net migration
(p3 025
foreign registrations from other countries
(b264 571
(p177 304
foreign deregistrations to other countries
(b57 485
(p29 682
foreign population international net migration
(b207 086
(p147 622
foreign population net migration
(b207 086
(p150 647
foreign registrations for other reasons
(b39 589
(p24 550
foreign deregistrations for other reasons
(b131 522
(p118 949
foreign population balance for other reasons
(b-91 933
(p-94 399
foreign population net migration and balance for other reasons
(b115 153
(p56 248
foreigners who acquired Italian citizenship
(b127 001
(p132 736
foreign registrations
(b651 295
(p467 082
foreign deregistrations
(b607 656
(p493 504
foreign increase or decrease due to territorial changes
foreign population total balance (natural, net migration and for other reasons)
(b43 639
(p-26 422
foreign-statistical adjustment from new calculation methodology
foreigners-total census statistical adjustment
foreign population on 31st December by census
(b5 039 637
(p5 013 215
foreign resident population in institutional household on 31st December by statistical treatment of the register source
(b140 588
foreign resident population in private household on 31st December by census
(b4 899 049
bbreak in series
pprovisional data
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