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Institutional units
producing bodies of culture and welfare services2825215658
Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Departments1818171717
constitutional bodies88888
regulating bodies of economic activity119101212
producing bodies of economic services3217171919
independent administrative authorities98999
bodies with an associative organization999910
research organisations and institutes2724242524
experimental stations for research1111111110
tourism boards and agencies8053534341
other kind of local governments486427419463466
provincial governments and metropolitan citiesInformation onitem107107107107107
agencies for the right to university study3838373737
port boards2524242424
park and protected areas boards174153156156155
regional agencies and bodies8575747475
opera foundations1414141313
union of regional chambers of commerce1919191919
regions and independent provincesInformation onitem2222222222
municipalitiesInformation onitem8 0928 0928 0928 0598 048
mountain communities278249245226207
union of municipalities391395403436494
local health units148148146143139
hospital companies, university hospitals, general hospitals and hospitals with a scientific character112105105105104
universities, polytechnic institutes and institutes of higher education7169696968
chambers of commerce105105105105106
social security funds2422222222
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