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Welcome to I.Stat

What is I.Stat

I.Stat is the warehouse of statistics currently produced by the Italian National Institute of Statistics.
Statistics are searchable by theme. The system is also consultable by keyword. Data are presented in multidimensional tables which users can export in xls, csv formats. Acting on variables, reference periods and the arrangement of heads and sides, moreover, it is possible to obtain custom tables.

Through a web service that allows direct machine-to-machine questioning, organizations, as well as private citizens, can form specific query data, download results. The service is accessible at the following address:

The glossary of statistical terms is available at

Other databases resulting from I.Stat

For some topics of particular interest Istat has reorganized the information already present in the I.Stat database within the following thematic systems:

Census databases (starting from 2010-11)


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